Sunday, April 8

Theocracy? That'd Be A Big Ole No

I know this was supposed to be my anger outlet and, for the record, I still continue to use this blog for that. (Prepare thyself for a ranting bitch in the near future) Today I was visiting EE and saw a post for Blog Against Theocracy.

I know know about you, but I've never been asked to be against anything in my entire life. I mean we are either pro-life or pro-choice... nobody really wants to be perceived as being "anti" anything. Truth is. I'm against a hell of a lot of things. Since theocracy is one of them, this blogswarm (Lord the words I'm learning because of this computer with a phone line up its butt...) is right up my alley.

I was raised in religion so strict that I continue to this day to rebel against it. This is why some people who are calling this blogswarm anti-Christian have their collective heads up their asses. The surest way to get people to run as fast as they can from any given religion is to force it down their throats. For that reason alone, anyone who wishes to do away with Christianity in the United States is sitting back on his/her laurels and whistling a non-commital tune. Those of us who have concerns? We aren't your enemies. We aren't even the ones you should be keeping an eye on. Seriously! Take it from a mom: It's always the quiet ones who cause the most trouble.

Theocracy is when a government does everything (or the vast majority of things) based on the teachings of a particular religion. Those who live in the country are forced to follow the beliefs of that particular religion regardless of their personal beliefs. When you live in a Hindu state, you practice Hinduism. When you live in a Christian state, you practice Christianity. Your personal feelings no longer matter and, often, the state is known to take ... ahem... physical action against those who disagree with the state/religion.

The basic premise of today then is to recognize how fortunate those of us in America are to live in a nation where we not only have the freedom to choose our own religious path but the freedom to plop down on our happy asses and refuse to walk any path at all. We can believe... we can refuse to believe... we can not believe today and believe tomorrow and then believe something else next week.

Many of us heading to the big clearing (where all the different religious paths come together down by the River of Understanding) and copping a squat for a few minutes. There's lots of refreshing beverages and free wifi for those of you haven't blogged yet today. Come on down and sit a spell.

Those who need more information on First Amendment which guarantees from of (and from) religion, should visit First Freedom First.

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