Friday, November 9

Lyn & Dave Discuss: Is Iowa Sexist?

The Clinton staff is getting pushy in Iowa... especially when it comes to women who are active in politics. Why aren't you supporting Hillary? Don't you think a woman can do the job? It's past the point of being funny to the point of being something annoying and distracting from the real issues of the campaign. Anyway, Lynda Waddington at and former Congressman Dave Nagle take the issue head on with their posts. Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 18

Mike Gravel Blog Post Says Clinton Supports March to War with Iran

Former Alaska Gov. Mike Gravel has a post on his official blog at the DNC's PartyBuilder site that encourages Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards to go after Sen. Hillary Clinton before it is too late and attacks are launched against Iran.

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Wednesday, October 10

Kucinich Considers Legal Options to Get Off Michigan Primary Ballot

The campaign for Dennis Kucinich believes it followed the instructions given by the Michigan's Secretary of State's office when it submitted affidavits for removal from the state's Democratic Primary Ballot. It is now considering its legal options for withdrawal.

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Thursday, August 2

Children vs. The Media

An Iowa blogger puts together a focus group of children to see if their reactions to the 2008 presidential candidates vary much from what we're already hearing on television. It could be the children are more insightful. They are definitely more entertaining.

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Wednesday, May 30

GOP in Trouble: A Personal Iowa Experience

Interesting read from a blog I never visited prior to today."Allow me to begin this personal story by stating the way I earn my daily bread: I'm a focus group moderator by trade, one of those oft-vilified creatures in politics and corporate advertising who talks to regular people, finds out how they feel about specific issues, and relays that information to my clients to help them craft better messaging."

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Millions Poised To Cast Vote... Before Iowa Caucus

Because of absentee voting rules around the nation, several million have the opportunity to vote prior to the First in the Nation Iowa Caucus. As more states move to the front of the line, more absentee opportunities exist.

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Thursday, May 24

Clinton Spoof: The Memo We'd Like To See

A spoof on the "leaked" Clinton memo which outlines what's really at stake.

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Friday, May 4

You won't believe this one

Pres. Bush has sent letters of warning to Pelosi and Reid, informing of his intention to veto any measure which protects a woman's medical rights.

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Monday, April 30

Iowa Democratic Lawmaker Switches to GOP

Iowa State Rep. Dawn Pettengill finished up a session where she was more at odds with her Democratic counterparts than in agreement by leaving the party... with the quarterback from the opposing team.

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Saturday, April 28

Blogswarm: Take Back the Blog

Just a quick note about a really great blogswarm going on today. Check out the posts for Take Back the Blog!

The Take Back the Blog! Blogswarm supports the rights of women to participate fully in all aspects of our society, including specifically online in the world of blogging but indeed everywhere and at all times, day and night, without fear of harassment, intimidation, sexual harassment, online stalking and slander, predation or violence of any sort.

Wednesday, April 25

Just when you thought you'd seen it all

President George W. Bush does something else to embarrass and humiliate us. This morning, he marked Malaria Awareness Day by participating in a Rose Garden ceremony featuring Senegalese performers from the West African Dance Company. Click over and view the photographs.

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Historic Day For Iowans

Today the Iowa House voted 59-37 to extend civil rights protections to gays and lesbians. Gov. Chet Culver has pledged to sign the legislation.

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The Conversation We Should Be Having

Amid the shouts about guns and gun controls, an important discussion is being lost. The Virginia Tech shooter, just like so many other school shooters, was taking prescription medication which our own FDA has labeled as potentially dangerous.

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Monday, April 23

Leave it to Arksansas!

An Arkansas man is suing following his sons (ages 14 and 16) discovery of a book on lesbian sex at a public library.

Earl Adams is seeking both $20,000 and the immediate removal of the library director. The library has since removed the book from circulation. In an e-mail, the father said that God was speaking to his heart and helped him find the words that removed it. He said the teenagers found it while looking for material on military academies.

Holy Bad Shelving, Batman! Is there anyone who believes these two young men accidentally found this book while searching for information on military academies?

Best line of the article: Adams said the book caused "many sleepless nights in our house." Probably caused an increase in their (cold) water bill too.

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Save the Iowa River; Limit CAFOs

The Iowa River is on a national list of endangered rivers. The Iowa Farmers Union wants a moratorium on construction of new livestock confinement buildings, citing pollution caused by livestock production and communities without proper sewage treatment systems as the reason the river is on the list.

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Thursday, April 19

Some Quick Thoughts

The ladies over at EE have a couple of posts on yesterday's visit with Jimmy Carter. Here are the links:

Not to long ago I was a rabid pro-lifer. And, yup, rabid is the only word which describes it. Then I met some people on pure chance who challenged my thoughts on abortion when they told me their own stories of pregnancy, pregnancy loss and termination.

It is their belief and now mine as well that there are times when a family should be able to decide to end a pregnancy. In particular, if there are severe problems which will end in the death of the child and/or if there are complications which will risk the reproductive health, overall health or life of the mother.

This is why yesterday's decision by the SCOTUS is so wrong... it treats women as commodities, no better than livestock which can be easily replaced. SCOTUS played God yesterday by mandating that women -- regardless of risk to their own health -- should carry terminally ill children to term. They are wrong.

Tuesday, April 10


I get up before he does so I can help our children get ready for school. I prepare the breakfast. I pour the juice and start the coffee perking. I take the dog out. I pick up the dirty clothes and start a load of laundry.

Somehow, however, when his happy ass decides to roll out of bed, he's pissed off. Why? What exactly could the household royalty have to be angry about? (No, it isn't sex... I stayed up late so we could have that last night.)

I'm the one who races out the door with the kids. I'm the one who drops everyone off at their respective places before heading off to my own job to deal with people all day. I'm the one the school calls when something goes wrong for/with on the kids. I'm the one who spends lunch running family errands instead of eating. I'm the one the teachers email about student progress.

I get home before he does and I pick up all the children on my way. I'm the one who makes the bed (the one he was the last to vacate). I'm the one who prepares the evening meal and does the morning dishes. I'm the one who takes out the garbage and I'm the one who sweeps the floors. I'm the one who checks the homework and I'm the one who punishes children who need it. I'm also the one who holds the dinner while we all wait on him to get home from work.

He gets home and we sit down to eat. No one wants to talk at our table because we cannot tell yet what type of mood he is in. We wait. Finally, he talks about something that happened at work. He's in a fairly good mood so the children begin fill in conversation voids. It all seems to be going so well. Then he learns that one of he children has a low grade in one course. Some homework hasn't been getting done as it should and the teacher has sent a note for both parents to sign.

He explodes.

Let me be straight here: never once has he touched anyone. He doesn't have to. His voice carries his anger just as well as any fist. Once he has yelled and slammed a hand into the table, he gets up and stomps from the room. No one speaks yet. We wait to see if there is something else ... we no longer even attempt to guess what it might be.

"I'm going to the store," he says while grabbing his keys from the hanger and pulling on a hat.

"Could you pick up..." I begin.

"I just need time," he interrupts. "I need to get out of here."

And, so, he goes.

I return to the table and gather the dishes. I carry them into the kitchen and create spaces at the table for the child who has been avoiding homework. I clean some more and walk the dog again.

I get the children into bed and wonder how a man who hates to shop can spend nearly two hours at the store. I hop into the bath, grab a drink and light some candles in our bedroom. Now I lie here with the laptop and wonder if I wouldn't be better off if I were a single mother. Outside of the paycheck and semi-regular orgasms, what would I be missing?

Sunday, April 8

Theocracy? That'd Be A Big Ole No

I know this was supposed to be my anger outlet and, for the record, I still continue to use this blog for that. (Prepare thyself for a ranting bitch in the near future) Today I was visiting EE and saw a post for Blog Against Theocracy.

I know know about you, but I've never been asked to be against anything in my entire life. I mean we are either pro-life or pro-choice... nobody really wants to be perceived as being "anti" anything. Truth is. I'm against a hell of a lot of things. Since theocracy is one of them, this blogswarm (Lord the words I'm learning because of this computer with a phone line up its butt...) is right up my alley.

I was raised in religion so strict that I continue to this day to rebel against it. This is why some people who are calling this blogswarm anti-Christian have their collective heads up their asses. The surest way to get people to run as fast as they can from any given religion is to force it down their throats. For that reason alone, anyone who wishes to do away with Christianity in the United States is sitting back on his/her laurels and whistling a non-commital tune. Those of us who have concerns? We aren't your enemies. We aren't even the ones you should be keeping an eye on. Seriously! Take it from a mom: It's always the quiet ones who cause the most trouble.

Theocracy is when a government does everything (or the vast majority of things) based on the teachings of a particular religion. Those who live in the country are forced to follow the beliefs of that particular religion regardless of their personal beliefs. When you live in a Hindu state, you practice Hinduism. When you live in a Christian state, you practice Christianity. Your personal feelings no longer matter and, often, the state is known to take ... ahem... physical action against those who disagree with the state/religion.

The basic premise of today then is to recognize how fortunate those of us in America are to live in a nation where we not only have the freedom to choose our own religious path but the freedom to plop down on our happy asses and refuse to walk any path at all. We can believe... we can refuse to believe... we can not believe today and believe tomorrow and then believe something else next week.

Many of us heading to the big clearing (where all the different religious paths come together down by the River of Understanding) and copping a squat for a few minutes. There's lots of refreshing beverages and free wifi for those of you haven't blogged yet today. Come on down and sit a spell.

Those who need more information on First Amendment which guarantees from of (and from) religion, should visit First Freedom First.

Monday, April 2

About Me Survey

Holy Hell!! Could you have sent me to any longer of a silly survey?

The COMPLETE About me survey!
Age:Old... damn old!
Screen Name:AnnieGoats
Birthday:Feb. 11
Race:Nope, I'm too slow to win.
School/Grade:Yeah, about a million years ago
Hometown:Waukee, Iowa
Current Town:Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Parents Still Together?:Yep, buried side by side
Siblings:Yep, but let's not go there
Pets:Very spoiled cat
Drugs:Only prescribed
Hair Color:Blonde
Is It Dyed?:Yes
Eye Color:Blue
Body Type:Not sure
Shoe Size:8
Want More?:NO
Want More?:NO
Braces?:ah... no
Overall Best Feature::My ass
Overall Worst Feature::My ass
Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad?:Dad
Favorite Color:Red
Worst Color:Mauve
Favorite Number:10
Favorite Animal:Cat
Least Favorite Animal:Pig
Favorite Flower:Gerbera Daisy
Favorite Food:Pizza
Worst Food:Cooked Spinach
Favorite Junk Food:BBQ Chips
Worst Junk Food:Cheezits
Favorite Restaraunt:Arby's
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:Chocolate Chip
Favorite Candy:Smarties
Favorite Alcoholic Drink:Bloody Mary
Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink:Diet Soda
Worst Alcoholic Drink:Tequila
Worst NON Alcoholic Drink:Coke
Favorite Genre of Music:Classic Rock
Worst Genre:Rap
Favorite Band/Artist:Doors
Worst Band/Artist:Eminem
Favorite Song:Stairway to Heaven
Worst Song:Slim Shady
Favorite Radio Station:??
Favorite Book:??
Worst Book:??
Favorite Type of Movie:Romantic Comedy
Worst Type of Movie:Action
Favorite Movie:Something About Mary
Worst Movie Ever:Jaws
Favorite TV Show:Friends
Wost TV Show:Everybody Loves Raymond
Favorite Season of the Year:Fall
Worst Season:Winter
Best Friend:Prissy the Cat
Worst Enemy:The Neighbor Dog
Favorite Day of the Week:Sunday
Least Favorite Day of the Week:Wednesday
Favorite Sport:Football
Sport You Hate:Soccer
One thing you cant get enough of:Laughing
One thing you hate more than anything:Laundry
Are You Single?:No
If not, who is your bf/gf?:My Guy
How Long Have You Been Together?:12 years
If You're Single, Do you Like It?:
Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now?:No
First Kiss:Ha!
Ever Kiss in the Rain?:Yes
In a Movie Theater?:Yes
First Love:Ha!
Have you ever Cheated on Anyone?:Yes
Been Cheated on?:Yes
Used Someone?:Yes
Been used?:Yes
Lied to your bf/gf?:Yes
Ever Made out With Just a Friend?:No
Ever Had Sex With Just a Friend?:No
Are You a Tease?:Maybe
Do you Flirt a Lot?:Maybe
Longest Relationship:Still Going
Shortest:2 days?
Have you Ever Gotten a Poem?:Yes
Ever Get Flowers?:Yes
Sweetest Thing You've Ever Gotten:A Drawing
Do you Like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day?:NO
Do you Believe in Love at First Sight?:No
Do you Believe in "The One"?:No
Do you Fall in Love Fast?:No
Are you a Player?:No
Would you ever Hook Up With Someone of the Same sex?:Maybe
Have You ever Kissed 2 People in One Day?:Yes
Kissed 2 People At One Time?:No
Had Sex with 2 People in One day?:Yes
Had sex with 2+ People at One Time?:Yes
Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex?:Yes
Ever Been Dumped?:Yes
Ever dumped someone?:Yes
Ever been rejected?:Yes
Do you have a lot of ex's?:Yes
Are you a slut?:No
Ever been called one?:Yes
Ever dated someone more than once?:Yes
Do you ever make the first move?:Yes
Double dates or single?:Single
Do you want to get married?:Already Am
OPPOSITE SEX (what you're attracted to)
Hair Color:Brown
Short or long?:Medium
Eye color?:Green
Style:Wavy - Natural
Height:about 6'
Muscular or skinny?:Neither
Boxers or Breifs?:Briefs
Do you care about looks?:Not really
Can you drive?:Yes
Do you have a car?:Yes
Do you have a cell phone?:Yes
Are you online a lot?:Yes
Do you like gay/bi people?:Yes
Can you speak another language?:Some
Do you do well in school?:Yes
Do you collect anything?:Yes
Have an obsession?:Yes
Do you hate yourself?:Sometimes
Ever smile for no reason?:Yes
Talk to yourself?:Yes
Do you have any regrets?:Yes
Believe in magick?:Yes
Do you support gay marriage?:Yes
Sex before marriage?:Yes
Do you trust people easily?:No
Forgive easily?:No
Do you have a secret no one knows?:Yes
Do you get along with your parents?:Not since they died
What about other people?:I think everyone else is stil alive
How do you vent your anger?:I'm going to blog it out
Do you like George Bush?:HELL NO!
Goal Before you die?:Not to die?
Biggest Fear:Drowning
Beggest Weakness:Can't say no
Do you play an instrument?:No
What do you want to be when you grow up?:Ha!
Are you...
A bitch?:Yes
A daydreamer?:Yes
Funny?:Not sure
Boring?:Not Usually
Strong (emotionally)?:Mostly
Strong (physically)?:No
Fun to be around?:Yes
Easily Amused?:Yes
A good listener?:Yes
Determined?:Not as much as I should be
Cocky?:Oh my!
Hot Headed?:Yes
Did you enjoy this survey?:Sure
Was it too long?:Yes
Do you think it contained just about everything?:Mostly
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I really have no idea what I'm doing

My friend over at Essential Estrogen talked me into starting this blog. She even said that if I get stuck and can't figure all this out, she'll make her own blogger blog and help me out. Something I think I'm getting ready to email her about. LOL! (Let that be a lesson to you, never make a promise you don't intend on keeping.)

I mostly want to use this blog to bitch. I need an outlet. God, do I ever need an outlet!

Just sayin'

You'd think grocery stores would know the skinny handles on those plastic grocery sacks are the equivalent of glass shards when the bag is over-filled and carried. You'd think...
Still it never fails that the young sacker believes 14 cans of soup will fit in one sack and somehow not cut your fingers off when you try to carry it.