Monday, April 23

Leave it to Arksansas!

An Arkansas man is suing following his sons (ages 14 and 16) discovery of a book on lesbian sex at a public library.

Earl Adams is seeking both $20,000 and the immediate removal of the library director. The library has since removed the book from circulation. In an e-mail, the father said that God was speaking to his heart and helped him find the words that removed it. He said the teenagers found it while looking for material on military academies.

Holy Bad Shelving, Batman! Is there anyone who believes these two young men accidentally found this book while searching for information on military academies?

Best line of the article: Adams said the book caused "many sleepless nights in our house." Probably caused an increase in their (cold) water bill too.

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The Prophet said...

hello god

will you please leave us people alone now since you already threw us out of the paradise, let us figure it out on our own now how to work this mess out, everytime you call up some sorry ass with your messa of hate, and bigotary we have to suffer with their bull s***

and while yo are at it please have Mr Bush do something really worth while , for once, before he leaves the office
also please can you do something about rush and hanitty and o'rilley, i figured i might as well since i have your ear