Wednesday, May 30

GOP in Trouble: A Personal Iowa Experience

Interesting read from a blog I never visited prior to today."Allow me to begin this personal story by stating the way I earn my daily bread: I'm a focus group moderator by trade, one of those oft-vilified creatures in politics and corporate advertising who talks to regular people, finds out how they feel about specific issues, and relays that information to my clients to help them craft better messaging."

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Millions Poised To Cast Vote... Before Iowa Caucus

Because of absentee voting rules around the nation, several million have the opportunity to vote prior to the First in the Nation Iowa Caucus. As more states move to the front of the line, more absentee opportunities exist.

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Thursday, May 24

Clinton Spoof: The Memo We'd Like To See

A spoof on the "leaked" Clinton memo which outlines what's really at stake.

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Friday, May 4

You won't believe this one

Pres. Bush has sent letters of warning to Pelosi and Reid, informing of his intention to veto any measure which protects a woman's medical rights.

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