Friday, November 9

Lyn & Dave Discuss: Is Iowa Sexist?

The Clinton staff is getting pushy in Iowa... especially when it comes to women who are active in politics. Why aren't you supporting Hillary? Don't you think a woman can do the job? It's past the point of being funny to the point of being something annoying and distracting from the real issues of the campaign. Anyway, Lynda Waddington at and former Congressman Dave Nagle take the issue head on with their posts. Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 18

Mike Gravel Blog Post Says Clinton Supports March to War with Iran

Former Alaska Gov. Mike Gravel has a post on his official blog at the DNC's PartyBuilder site that encourages Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards to go after Sen. Hillary Clinton before it is too late and attacks are launched against Iran.

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Wednesday, October 10

Kucinich Considers Legal Options to Get Off Michigan Primary Ballot

The campaign for Dennis Kucinich believes it followed the instructions given by the Michigan's Secretary of State's office when it submitted affidavits for removal from the state's Democratic Primary Ballot. It is now considering its legal options for withdrawal.

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Thursday, August 2

Children vs. The Media

An Iowa blogger puts together a focus group of children to see if their reactions to the 2008 presidential candidates vary much from what we're already hearing on television. It could be the children are more insightful. They are definitely more entertaining.

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Wednesday, May 30

GOP in Trouble: A Personal Iowa Experience

Interesting read from a blog I never visited prior to today."Allow me to begin this personal story by stating the way I earn my daily bread: I'm a focus group moderator by trade, one of those oft-vilified creatures in politics and corporate advertising who talks to regular people, finds out how they feel about specific issues, and relays that information to my clients to help them craft better messaging."

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Millions Poised To Cast Vote... Before Iowa Caucus

Because of absentee voting rules around the nation, several million have the opportunity to vote prior to the First in the Nation Iowa Caucus. As more states move to the front of the line, more absentee opportunities exist.

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Thursday, May 24

Clinton Spoof: The Memo We'd Like To See

A spoof on the "leaked" Clinton memo which outlines what's really at stake.

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