Thursday, April 19

Some Quick Thoughts

The ladies over at EE have a couple of posts on yesterday's visit with Jimmy Carter. Here are the links:

Not to long ago I was a rabid pro-lifer. And, yup, rabid is the only word which describes it. Then I met some people on pure chance who challenged my thoughts on abortion when they told me their own stories of pregnancy, pregnancy loss and termination.

It is their belief and now mine as well that there are times when a family should be able to decide to end a pregnancy. In particular, if there are severe problems which will end in the death of the child and/or if there are complications which will risk the reproductive health, overall health or life of the mother.

This is why yesterday's decision by the SCOTUS is so wrong... it treats women as commodities, no better than livestock which can be easily replaced. SCOTUS played God yesterday by mandating that women -- regardless of risk to their own health -- should carry terminally ill children to term. They are wrong.

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